Meet Pastor Stone

My Salvation & Call to the Ministry:

God had been working on my heart for a couple of months regarding eternity back in 1984. A few times, I had even told my roommate that we should stop living the way we were living and start going to church, but we never did. One night, April 15th, 1984, I totaled a company truck and walked away without a scratch when, in reality, I should have been dead or, at the very least, seriously injured. I knew God had spared me. Three days later, on Wednesday, April 18th, 1984, God miraculously placed a co-worker in my life to lead me to Jesus Christ. I came to church with him that same night and walked the aisle of the Bayshore Baptist Church of Channelview, TX to make my profession of faith public. I was baptized the following Sunday on Easter, April 22nd, 1984.

While still a member of Bayshore Baptist, and under the ministry and leadership of Rev. Bill Jackson, God called me to preach the gospel in 1989. I immediately moved to Fort Worth, TX and enrolled in Norris Bible Baptist Seminary. While attending NBBS, I met and married my best friend, completer, and beautiful wife, Sim Chan.

During my final year in Bible College, the Lord impressed upon me to plant churches in America, and we have been doing that ever since. We have had the privilege now to start and pastor 3 churches; one in Texas and two in Washington State. Coming full circle, we moved back to Texas in 2005, and to Corpus Christi in 2012 to begin Coastline Baptist Church, where, by God’s grace, we plan to stay and pastor till Jesus comes.

Sim’s Testimony of Salvation

My name is Sim Chan Stone. I was born in Cambodia in 1972 during the final years of the Vietnam War. My family fled by night during Pol Pot’s reign of terror and ethnic cleansing of his own people. We made it safely to Thailand and lived in a refugee camp. In 1979 God moved upon the hearts of an American family to sponsor me and my entire family to Fort Worth, TX.

On July 7th, 1990 Bro. James Stone came to my house while canvassing for his bus route. I was on the front porch and he asked me if I knew where I would go if I were to die today. I said no and so he opened his Bible and led me to Christ. We were married five months later when I was only 18 years old and by the time I turned 21, I was a pastor’s wife. I could not imagine a life where I was not serving the Lord in a full time capacity. I love my husband, I love the ministry and most of all, I love my Savior the Lord Jesus Christ.

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